I want my MT50!

I want my MT50 A post shared by Tim Dunwell (@ultrasunrise) on May 24, 2014 at 3:20am PDT Money for nothing and your multitracks for free… Well not quite free but this little baby was quite the bargain that’s for sure! Back in 1994 Yamaha released their latest Budget Multitrack recorder for £399. Including features… Read More »

Moog Kommander

Thanks go to Tim for gifting me the ‘Kommander’ made by Koma Elektonik this week. This nifty little box provides theremin style fun when plugged into my Moog or any CV capable synth. The box provides modulation via two sensors each offering independent control via CV. I found plugging into the Moog’s gate CV especially… Read More »

Super Mario Drum Bros.

Here at Killer Kat we’re all big fans of video games. So it’s always a delight when something like this Drum Kit from SJC Custom Drums is made.

Cake Slammin’!

Jamma# and Cold Earth in the studio shots from the White Shores Slow jam session. This was our first time trying to get our computers synced so we could jam our tracks with each other.

Studio A Remix

I spent most of last night rearranging my studio and here are the results! Needs some more stuff on the walls but hopefully this will inspire new and improved music making 🙂