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Octatrack – Endless Trigs & Neighbour FX

Endless Trigger fingers!!! While experimenting with my new OT I came across ‘Endless Trigs’. Endless trigs allow a sample to be triggered that never re-plays itself. This means you can allow long samples to play past the 64 bar limit. A rather useful treat…allowing scope for ambient drones and instrumentals. Always trust your neighbour! The‚Ķ Read More »

Moog Kommander

Thanks go to Tim for gifting me the ‘Kommander’ made by Koma Elektonik this week. This nifty little box provides theremin style fun when plugged into my Moog or any CV capable synth. The box provides modulation via two sensors each offering independent control via CV. I found plugging into the Moog’s gate CV especially‚Ķ Read More »