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Just for a moment

Fresh out of the darkness comes an excellent remix of a Cold Earth track, Just for a moment (Hypnotized) by Neon Blac.

Fade to Blac

This week we celebrate the release of Neon Blac‘s first album release Vox Populi. A sample infused electronica that brings a variety of styles and influences from not just music but poetry, art, literature and film amongst many others. Having spent over a year in development alongside music video’s and teasers for the album, all… Read More »

New Year, new ambitions!

Hey guys sorry its been a while since our last update but we have been busy working away at a little project. This year we have decided (albeit last minute) we are entering the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition. Although I imagine it will be tough and there will be many great entries, we think this… Read More »

New Track Coming Soon….

I’ve had a busy weekend creating a new NeonBlac track utilising for the first time the squelch tastic tones of the Volca Bass.  All other synth sounds were created from the Oberheim Matrix. Its coming along rather nice I feel so expect a release very soon!

The first fox in space?

Not everyones a fan of early game music but it certainly influenced myself.  Here’s NeonBlac’s tribute to a gaming legend Mr Starfox.  This is a re-working of Corneria, Btw the SNES version is were its at ok.

Base Culture Realtime Demo

Yo cranks check out an early demo of the NeonBlac single BASS CULTURE featuring prototype real time visuals.  Apologies for the missing imagery folks but its a work in progress still. Check out more videos on the Media page.