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By | October 18, 2015

This week we celebrate the release of Neon Blac‘s first album release Vox Populi. A sample infused electronica that brings a variety of styles and influences from not just music but poetry, art, literature and film amongst many others. Having spent over a year in development alongside music video’s and teasers for the album, all of the multi talents of Ed Roberts (Neon Blac) are on show and they truly are a talent to see.

Vox Populi Front Cover


Vox Populi Inside Cover

 Artwork by Ed Roberts 2015

With 6 tracks and a total playtime of just over 27 minutes this is a modest album in length but certainly not in sound. Track list is as follows:

Bass CultureHeavy Beats and bass accompanied by Linton Kwesi Johnson sampled vocals kick straight in before taking you on a journey through synth leads, fat horns and gospel vocals that combine in a wonderfully unique fashion.

Urgency of LifeAn accompanying music video for this track is a must see, showcasing more of Neon Blac’s amazing talents. A slower and more mellow start of samples and synths build up with the beatifully soft female vocals and strings before the drop. Live drums and a grooving synth lead flow like the dancers in the video, before the cinematic finish.

The BeastPossibly inspired by the amazing Linda Laffety of Moog Music, this track shows a different side to Neon Blac’s music. Dark lead guitars, crashing drums and full bodied synths in an almost 80’s video game world will have you dancing round your room like a lunatic. 

Ancient ChildrenOne of my favourite tracks on the album, this tracks starts off with slow intertwined vocals and rolling drums build this track up beautifully. Finishing with time stretched pads, piano and snare hits that break the walls of sounds, a track that will bring you back for many listens.

Death by HeroA grandiose opening before the almost hip hop style track kicks in. With vocals sampled from the Notorious BIG and drums that bring the feel of a countdown timer towards the end of the album. This track shows another one of the many shades of Neon Blac’s styles.

Always EndingComplex synth leads and vintage sounds the bring this album to an end. Not with a bang but more of a sense that this is only just the beginning of what to expect from Neon Blac in the future.

Keep checking Killer Kat for future info on the works of Neon Blac.

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