Comfortably Strum

By | June 15, 2014

We may shave been quiet these past few weeks but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on any music related goodness!

A couple of months back I decided to buy a USBTribe midi out mod for my Korg Volca Beats. This was the first time I’d decided to mod any of my gear and luckily the whole thing was a success!

Now move forward a few months and I’ve been thinking about making more mods to my Volca. Unfortunately I have never soldered anything in my life! So, internet and YouTube to the rescue, I researched soldering to death pretty much, ordered myself some soldering gear and a couple of starter kits and I was away.

Seeing all the different DIY kits you could buy it looked a lot of fun and so one of the first musical things decided to build was a Le Strum by hotchk155. At around £35 it wasn’t too much, looked like a great midi controller and didn’t look too difficult to build so away I went and started on the build.

After a many hours slogging away the project was a success! Here is the result


It’s already inspired me to start another tune and also to do some more DIY music products. With everything from effects pedals, midi controllers and even synths, there are endless possibilities!

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