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By | April 13, 2014

After hunting down a suitable midi out mod for my Volca Beats, I finally got chance today to get it installed.

Photo 13-04-2014 16 56 13

Using the instructions provided by USBTribe, I eagerly and cautiously got to work! To start my alteration I carefully unscrewed the case, whilst taking care not to pull on any of the wires and delicately unhooking the speaker wire, the top of the Volca was successfully removed.

Photo 13-04-2014 17 01 43

Next, we marked up the spot for the new cable hole. With a little help from my dad (given he’s a bit of a DIY magician and I knew he would have the right tools for the job without causing damage to the case) we managed to get the hole drilled into the unit. On reflection, I feel the new hole is a little too high as the chipboard now sits on the wire and I would recommend you place it lower than I have on my unit.

Photo 13-04-2014 17 09 22

The first part was the trickiest, the screws were a pain to unscrew from the board. The screwdriver provided managed to free them, but required some effort as well as making sure not to bend the board or damage the top of the screw itself. After freeing the screws, the little bit of card sat happily on the board. Next came the new chipboard. Initially, it didn’t sit flush, but after making sure it was aligned, I put the eye screws back in through the original holes and it seemed to fit rather nicely. Next, after bending and twisting the wires as instructed (although nowhere near as neatly as shown in the instructions) I placed the first wire into the circular hole and put the screwdriver in the slot above. After much juggling of the screwdriver and having to play a game of twister with my fingers, I managed to get the first wire in. Repeating the process for the same two wires, I finally got all three in and secure. Finally, I secured the cable with the cable tie provided. The fact we’d made the hole so high meant we had to cut the cable tie so that it was as small as possible to allow the lid to fit back on.

Photo 13-04-2014 17 32 11

Now all that was needed was to screw the unit back together and test it out.

Photo 16-05-2014 09 45 54

After a brief testing session, the midi out seems to be working correctly and the installation was a success! I’ll try and post a video later after more testing. The whole thing took less than 30 mins to complete. I think anyone who has a Volca Beats should go out and get themselves one of these kits. The only trouble I really had was more from my own lack of experience rather than the mod being difficult to fit. For the price it’s a great addition to your Volca and turns your Volca into an awesome sequencer! You can buy your own MIDIBeats from USBTribe for only £30 + p&p

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