Volca Control

By | March 30, 2014

For a while I’ve been thinking of modding my Volca Beats to have MIDI out.

One of the first mods I saw was the Amazing Machines Volcano. Although this looked like an excellent bit of kit I would have to order it from the USA, and with postage, the price seemed a little steep. So I decided to look around and came across this, the USBtribe MIDIbeats. Given the fact I have no soldering experience (it’s solderless) and it was nearly half the price of the Volcano at £30 + p&p it seemed the only choice.


So hopefully the MIDIbeats will arrive in the next week and I should get it installed at the weekend. Stay tuned to see whether the installation goes well or I end up destroying my Volca Beats!

See the MIDIbeats in action controlling the drum rack in Ableton

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