Cold Earth debut album

In celebration of my wedding day I have decided to release my debut album free to everyone for a week. After that I will put details up on how you can purchase a copy from bandcamp if you wish. A mix of electronica, strings, beats and piano. Here is my self titled debut album, Cold… Read More »

Fade to Blac

This week we celebrate the release of Neon Blac‘s first album release Vox Populi. A sample infused electronica that brings a variety of styles and influences from not just music but poetry, art, literature and film amongst many others. Having spent over a year in development alongside music video’s and teasers for the album, all… Read More »

Masters of the Universe

Recently I have been putting the final touches to my new Cold Earth solo album and I am starting to prepare the final mixes for mastering. This being my first “proper” release I was wanting to make sure that everything is in place to master the tracks correctly. I first thought about trying to master the… Read More »

Octatrack – Endless Trigs & Neighbour FX

Endless Trigger fingers!!! While experimenting with my new OT I came across ‘Endless Trigs’. Endless trigs allow a sample to be triggered that never re-plays itself. This means you can allow long samples to play past the 64 bar limit. A rather useful treat…allowing scope for ambient drones and instrumentals. Always trust your neighbour! The… Read More »

Get Up, Stand Up!

Who doesn’t love the look of a synth with vintage stylie wooden panels? ok… all you modernists probably! but hey IMHO all good analogs deserve them. Continuing in our recent mood of DIY music machine making I had the urge to create a stand in this vain for my volca bass.  Heres a render of the results… Read More »

Comfortably Strum

We may shave been quiet these past few weeks but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on any music related goodness! A couple of months back I decided to buy a USBTribe midi out mod for my Korg Volca Beats. This was the first time I’d decided to mod any of my gear and… Read More »